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Louis Armstrong Playing A Trumpet

What is similar between


an immune cell seeking antigens

a bee gathering pollen

a hummingbird docking on flowers

a baby conversing with mum

a child learning to walk

an athlete sprinting

and Louis Armstrong expressing it all in

'What a Wonderful World'?


The answer is that Perception together with intrinsic processes prospectively guides Movement to achieve purposeful Action. Understanding this process is the goal of the Perception Movement Action Research Consortium (PMARC).


PMARC is based at the University of Edinburgh (director Dave Lee, co-director Ross Sanders). The members comprise an international interdisciplinary group of scientists and practitioners who collaborate in studying how organisms, from cells to humans, perceptually/intrinsically prospectively control their movements to achieve purposeful action.


The goal of this website is to bring together the work of members of PMARC to foster collaboration and provide a resource for research and teaching. PMARC research spans the Subjects listed on the right. Click on a Subject for PMARC articles and videos.

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