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Herbert L Pick

Herbert Pick


Herbert L Pick



Professor, Institute of Child Develoment, University of Minnesota

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My research interests focus on 1) the systemic organization of perceptual -- motor actions and 2) the relation of sense modalities in performance of such actions. The interest in the systemic organization is exemplified by the functional organization found in adaptation to a rearrangement of amplitude or direction of perceptual-motor coordination. Adaptation, as in traditional studies, results after throwing in one direction but obtaining a trajectory in a different direction. Such adaptation generalizes to tasks having the same function e.g., different forms of throwing, but not to tasks having similar form but different functions such as pointing. The interest in the relation of sense modalities is exemplified by showing the effect of visual information on the speed of locomotion of the transition between walking and running.  Such results indicate a biasing influence of vision on a component of an action often considered to be under biomechanical control.

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