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Martine Verheul

Martine Verheul


Martine Verheul



Lecturer Motor Control / Skill Acquisition
The University of Edinburgh

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Personal Statement

I am interested in (perceptual-)motor coordination, in particular how coordination changes with experience (in sign language users, dancers, athletes, etc.) and how it is affected by brain damage or disease.

Currently, I am conducting research into sign linguistics. I use 3D motion capture to increase our understanding of sign prosody and other aspects of sign language.

Using novel technology developed by the Speckled Consortium (, I have taken 3D motion capture into the nursery. As a member of the Developmental Physical Education Group (DPEG) at the University of Edinburgh, I investigate young children’s movement development during active learning and play. I supervise a PhD student looking at play in early years.

Since swimming promotes rhythm and symmetry in movement, I am working with members of PMARC and CARE (Centre for Aquatics Research and Education; ( to develop an aquatic exercise programme for children with cerebral palsy, with the aim of improving their walking pattern. 

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