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Andreas A. Ioannides

Andreas A. Ioannides


Andreas A. Ioannides


Laboratory for Human Brain Dynamics, 
Office 501, Galaxias Center Block A
33 Arch. Makarios III Avenue
Nicosia 1065, Cyprus

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Personal Statement

He has trained in physics specializing in low energy theoretical nuclear physics (spin dependence of weakly bound states and elastic scattering of light nuclei and the inverse scattering problem) before turning to neuroscience research. In biomagnetism his research covers theory, experiment and application studies. Recent research projects probed the neuronal basis of changes in state, for example during sleep, listening to music and the influence of emotional states on cognition and the neural correlates of attention. The overall research goal can be summarized as a quest to understand how ongoing brain activity and fragmented influences introduced by external stimuli are managed as a unified subjective entity.

Since October 2009 he is directing a new laboratory in his native Cyprus with primary emphasis in translating the capabilities of MEG analysis tools developed in the last twenty years in the UK, Germany and Japan into effective clinical applications using MEG and/or EEG. The Cyprus laboratory also hopes to play a role in developing new initiatives for EEG and MEG instrumentation and analysis always with a long-term goal of contributing to clinical practice.

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