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Development of Action



Development from birth of perceptual/intrinsic control of action. Topics include: suckling, swallowing, gesturing, vocalizing, looking, reading, reaching, catching, manipulating, stabilizing posture, walking, swimming and dancing.


A newborn baby suckling, tauG-guiding the suction pressure in its mouth that draws the milk in.
(Craig & Lee 1999)
A newborn baby exploring visual control of its hand. The baby is looking right and controlling the movement of its left hand, which it sees on a TV monitor. (van der Meer, van der Weel & Lee 1995)
Development of head-eye tracking in young infants. Head tracking of a moving object reaches about
adult precision by 18 weeks of age, but similarly
precise eye tracking develops later.
(Daniel & Lee 1990)
Visual control of standing balance in toddlers. Movement of the visual surroundings (a floorless box) induces body imbalance in the same direction.
(Lee & Aronson 1974)