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Player conveying musical expression
through sound to dancer.
(Lee & Schogler 2009)
Singer gliding pitch between notes.
(Schogler, Pepping & Lee 2008)

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Cells sensing electric field
to swim to a cathode.
(Delafield-Butt et al 2011)
Newborn baby exploring visual
control of hand movement.
(van der Meer, van der Weel & Lee 1995)
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Optic flow field enabling visual
control of running.
(Lee 1980)
Hummingbird visually docking on feeder.
(Lee et al 1991; Delafield-Butt et al 2010)

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Gannet diving and person punching
using similar visual control.
(Lee & Reddish 1981 and Lee et al 1983)
Bat using echolocation to snatch
a hanging mealworm.
(Lee, Simmons, Saillant & Buffard 1995)

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Optic control of balance measured
by moving the surrounding walls.
(Lee & Lishman 1975; Lee 1980)
Children with CP improve wrist
rotation if they bang a drum.
(van der Weel, van der Meer & Lee 1991)

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Site Graphic
Long-jumper visually guiding her foot
to the take-off board.
(Lee, Lishman & Thomson 1982)
Sprinter guiding feet between footfalls.
(Lee 2005)