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Cathy Craig

Cathy Craig


Cathy Craig



Senior Lecturer

School of Psychology, Queen's University Belfast

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My research activities focus on identifying informational invariants used by the brain to guide the timing of subsequent movement. My research to date has involved innovative methods such as virtual reality and microgravity (CNES parabolic flight programme, Bordeaux) to identify which informational variables are salient for action in the domains of vision and proprioception. Taking this research further, informational inputs have been manipulated with the resulting behaviour being modelled and in collaboration with engineers (Adidas, Germany) this research has been applied to the curved free kick in soccer. More recently my research has tried to account for self-guided action where no direct informational inputs are available from the surrounding environment. These anticipatory timing experiments hint at common timing mechanisms in the domains of vision, proprioception and sound (allowing for integrated action. Current projects using fMRI neuroimaging techniques (in collaboration with Dr J. Coull, Marseille), are attempting to elucidate possible neural mechanisms involved in the timing of action.

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