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Chris Connaboy

Chris Connaboy


Chris Connaboy


Lecturer Motor Control & Biomechanics

Biomedicine and Sport Science Research Group

Edinburgh Napier University and CARE, University of Edinburgh.

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I have a strong interest in aquatics research, specifically the hydrodynamics of undulatory underwater locomotion in both humans and animals; examining how propulsion can be optimised through changes in inter and intra-limb coordination. My research interests centre on a dynamical systems approach to movement, examining variability, stability and the effects of changing constraints on skilled sports performers. Much of my research focuses on preferred movement frequency and how it relates to optimal performance within a range of cyclical sporting actions. I am also currently exploring the interactions of load carriage and locomotion velocity in armed forces personnel, in particular the effects of load carriage on walk-to-run gait transitions in infantry soldiers and the implications for musculoskeletal injuries.

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