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Magali Fernández-Salazar

Magali Fernández-Salazar


Magali Fernández-Salazar



PhD Student, Paris IV-Sorbonne University
Visiting Student, University of Cambridge, UK and ISPEHS, University of Edinburgh

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Personal Statement

My main concern is chronic pain and its relation to emotions and guidance of movements. I analyze the experience of the unresolved problem of phantom limb pain (PLP) in amputees from both cognitive and neurophysiological perspectives. I am starting to study movements of upper limb amputees using a Qualisys Motion-Capture System, and brain oscillations in phantom limb pain using MEG. I am developing sound-based therapeutic procedures to help amputees cope with deleterious phantom limb effects, by improving movement of the stump and trying to reduce pain. This study is based on General Tau Theory (Lee, 2009).


My objective is to find a therapeutic solution for PLP by trying to activate some neuronal circuits in the brain of phantom limb patients, by modifying through some specific music the reorganization of the cortical body map, which seems to be an important element in distinguishing painful from non-painful phantom sensations.

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