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Morteza Shahbazi

Morteza Shahbazi


Morteza Shahbazi


Emeritus Professor since September 2008 at University of Tehran and Visiting Professor since 2001 at the University of Edinburgh, Centre for Aquatic Research and Education (CARE)

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Having been a Solid State physicist (graduated from Paris University on 1974), he has got involved with Sports Biomechanics since 1985 and supervised over 30 students and published over 50 publications in this field. His research interest is mainly in aquatic movements and on turns, passive and active drag forces. He studied turns of different swims through mathematical and mechanical modeling. He has also established a simple mathematical modeling to estimate active drag force with which several researches in different swims have been accomplished and published. Recently, he became interested in equine research and modeled horses legs muscles and estimated horses legs muscles stiffness coefficients and forces.

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