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Benoît Bardy

Benoît Bardy


Benoît G. Bardy



EuroMov, University of Montpellier, France

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My research is concerned with the dynamical approach to problems of coordination and perceptual control of action. Two major aims of my work are to investigate how the numerous muscles, joints, or segments that constitute the human body are coordinated so as to promote functional actions (and avoid dysfunctional ones), and to identify the role of movement-based information in the control of action, with a specific interest for healthy and pathological scenarios. My current research focuses on coordination and multimodal control of human posture and orientation, egomotion, as well as reaching and grasping in real and virtual environments. Methodologies involve data-based, experimental laboratory research using extensive, state of the art motion-capture apparatus (Vicon system, AMTI force plate, electromagnetic 6 DF devices), closed looped operation of simulation and virtual reality devices, as well as modelling human perception and performance. I am the founder and director of the EuroMov Center for Research and Technological Development in Montpellier (

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