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David Edwards

David Edwards


David H. Edwards



Senior Lecturer Microbiology
University of Dundee, Dental School, Clinical Dental Sciences

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Our primary research concerns the sub-cellular organisation of the prokaryotic cell. We have identified a protein that directs the movement of cell division inhibitors and the chromosome during cell growth and division (DivIVABS), and recently a protein that contributes to the dynamic localisation of the cell wall synthesising complex in Bacillus subtilis. The analysis of these proteins, and how their dynamic movement is controlled within the cell, is aimed at the practical application of identifying new targets for antibacterial drugs. In addition we have recently become interested in Fusiform bacteria, and their role in producing communities of oral bacteria. The subcellular organisation of these organisms, and the directed movement of their chromosomes and cell wall synthesising machinery is poorly understood. However it is clear that in their natural habitat these processes have to be carefully coordinated with the environment. Therefore we continue to investigate how perception of the environment is coordinated with the movement of sub-cellular complexes to result in required actions such as cell division and cell elongation.

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