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Flavio Keller

Flavio Keller


Flavio Keller


Full professor of Physiology;
Head, lab of Developmental Neuroscience
Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma

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Personal Statement

Our research is grounded in the fundamental idea that sensori-motor circuits and processes are the basic building blocks for performing and understanding goal-directed actions, and that their early alterations can result in behavioural disorders such as autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We conduct experiments in mice investigating neurobiological mechanisms by which ASD risk genes (e.g. the reelin gene) interact with epigenetic factors, for example sex hormones, to shape the development of specific sensori-motor circuits, in particular cerebellar and limbic circuits. In parallel, we are developing technologies and strategies to quantitatively assess the development of perception-action integration in humans. We are interested in understanding when and how multiple sensory inputs (sense of position, hearing, sight) are integrated into unified purposeful action in infants. Finally, we are interested in studying the common mathematical laws that govern purposive actions. In the end, we think that this knowledge and technologies could contribute to identify early biological markers of ASD.

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