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Gert-Jan Pepping

Gert-Jan Pepping


Gert-Jan Pepping



Centre for Human Movement Sciences, University Medical Centre Groningen, University of Groningen, Netherlands.

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What are the forces that shape human (and other animal) decision behaviour in naturalistic/sport situations? Central to answering this question is an application of insights from ecological psychology. Interests are aimed at the supporting perceptuo-motor processes for the control and coordination of purposeful movement and decision making. An important part of the research is involved with the perception of affordances and the dynamically defined boundaries for action. Perception of action boundaries is paramount for successful decision making and co-ordination of sport skills. Injury is an important potential consequence of an inaccurate identification of the dynamically defined boundaries for movement. Which processes enable our ability to perceive action boundaries? And which - psychological - processes might enhance, impede or interfere with it? Insight into these processes is important for amongst others sport science support and coaching, but also for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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