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Jonathan Delafield-Butt

Jonathan Delafield-Butt


Jonathan Thomas Delafield-Butt


Post-doc, Babylab
Department of Psychology
University of Copenhagen


Visiting Fellow, PMARC
University of Edinburgh

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Personal Statement

I am a psychologist and biologist with a wide interest in the lived sense of agency and its capability of expression.  To this end, I am presently examining the development of protoconversational engagements between infant and mother as the infant develops over her first year of life.  Together with colleagues at the Copenhagen University Babylab we are recording and analysing both vocal and movement ‘utterances’ using high-precision technologies, and examining the sharing of forms of these utterances over narratives of engagement.  We are specifically examining multi- and cross-modal contingencies and are measuring a variety of parameters, including basic kinematics and advanced tau-coupling parameters. 

Previously, I examined infant perceptuomotor control development at PMARC as part of a large EU FP6 project and have helped to develop theory of and investigated the biological origins of perceptuomotor control in simple model organisms.  My Ph.D. research was in the molecular genetics and cell biology of brain development at the, again at Edinburgh. 

I am presently training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations.

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