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Perceptual/intrinsic control of naturally developing fundamental actions, such as ingesting, breathing, communicating non-verbally, maintaining posture/balance, directing the head and eyes, reaching, catching, manipulating, walking, running, flying; and within the body, guiding the movement of cells, such as neurons and wound-healing cells.


Blue-footed boobies: courtship dance

Boobies Courting

Blue-footed boobies: courtship dance
Frigate Birds Feeding

Frigate Birds Feeding

Frigate birds diving on a sea lion’s placenta.
Mother and Child in experimental room with solid floor and moveable walls

Visual control of toddler’s balance

Visual control of a toddler’s balance by moving the walls and ceiling of a surrounding ‘room’.
paramecia crowding around an electrode

Paramecium caudatum migrations to a point electrode

Paramecia guiding their swimming to an electric pole (cathode).